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Office of the Election Supervisor for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Please Review the Following Important Information
Before Filling Out a Protest Form

  • Please call the Office of the Election Supervisor or the OES Regional Director for your region for assistance in filing a charge. The OES will be happy to answer your questions about the protest form. Seeking assistance from an OES representative may help you to avoid having the processing of your protest delayed or your protest dismissed because of mistakes in completing the form.
  • Please be advised that not every election-related action you may view as unfair constitutes a violation of the Election Rules.
  • Your protest will be filed by clicking the “Confirm and Sign” button at the bottom of the third page or by email to
  • The section of the protest form called “Basis of Protest” seeks only a brief description of the alleged Rules violation. You should NOT include a detailed account of the evidence in support of the protest or a list of the names and telephone numbers of witnesses.
  • By rule, protests must be filed promptly. Pre-election protests must be filed “within two (2) working days of the day when the protestor becomes aware or reasonably should become aware of the action protested.” Deadlines for other types of protests are set forth at Article XIII, Section 2(b) and Section 3 of the Rules. Failure to file the protest timely may result in its dismissal.
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