Office of the Election Supervisor for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Statement Regarding IBT International Officer Election Ballot Tabulation

The Office of the Election Supervisor (“OES”) has prepared a table, Election Results (Not Certified),
showing the tabulation of ballots cast for all contested offices in the 2016 IBT International officer election.  The table totals the votes cast, by IBT region, for each candidate on the ballot.  A table for each region shows, for each local union, the votes cast for General President.  The numbers for challenged and void ballots (if any) for each local union, as reflected in the OES voter database, is shown on the regional tables.  

The count of the unchallenged ballots by local union, totaling 198,084, concluded on November 17, 2016.  As of that point, the eligibility checking system had identified 12,280 challenged ballots.  Next, stray ballots that had been mis-sorted and therefore had not been tallied with their local union were addressed.  That counted, by region, added 29 unchallenged ballots to the tabulation and identified two more challenged ballots.  Thus, there were 12,282 challenged ballots at the end of the count of unchallenged ballots.  That figure exceeded the narrowest winning margin for a contested office; the 4,035 votes separating At-Large Vice-President candidates Steve Vairma and Sandy Pope.[1] 

The Notice of Election announced November 10, 2016, as the deadline for members to restore good standing by curing any dues arrearage, and the database for voter eligibility was prepared as of that date.  Because some timely dues payments were posted after the arrearage deadline, OES revisited the eligible status of the challenged voters – still applying the November 10 cutoff date for payment of arrearages – using updated dues payment data from the IBT’s TITAN system, and the records for the BLET, BMWED and GCC.  That analysis determined that 5,991 of the initially challenged members were ineligible, but that 2,908 members were clearly eligible voters (ballots from 3,383 members remained under challenge).  Ballot envelopes returned by the 2,908 eligible voters were retrieved and processed in separate groups.  Tabulations of the seven separate groups, by region, are appended to each regional table. 

In the set of 2,908 ballots comprising the supplemental counts, OES identified 13 ballots as void.  OES reclassified those ballots from “challenged” to “void” and, accordingly, the total number of challenged ballots before the supplemental count is shown on the table as 12,269 – 13 less than recorded as of November 17.  

At the conclusion of the seven supplemental counts, the narrowest winning margin for a contested office was the 4,157 vote spread separating At-Large Vice-President candidates Steve Vairma and Sandy Pope.  That figure exceeded the 3,383 challenged ballots remaining unresolved, and thus the vote tabulation was completed. 

The IBT International election will not be completed until the results are finally certified by the Election Supervisor. 2016 Election Rules, Article I.

[1]           At the conclusion of the count of unchallenged ballots, the winning margin in the contests for Eastern, Southern, Central, and Western Region Vice-Presidents exceeded the number of challenged ballots in each of those regions.

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