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Office of the Election Supervisor for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

IBT General President Candidates Forum – September 1, 2021, Washington, D.C.

The first of three Candidates Forums for IBT International Officer Candidates was held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on September 1, 2021.  General President candidates Sean O'Brien and Steve Vairma answered questions posed by a panel of journalists and submitted by Teamster members around the country.  Members viewed the Forum live on the Teamsters web page and Facebook page. You can view the forum here by clicking on the picture below.  For a full-screen view, place your cursor on the picture to view the control bar and click the icon at the right end of the control bar. If you would like to view the video directly from the Vimeo host page, where you may download a copy, please click the link below each video.

IBT General President Candidates Forum
September 1, 2021
National Press Club, Washington, DC

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Transcript of Candidates Forum

2021 Candidates Forum Video Segments

Segment 1: Forum introduction by Ms. Matthews, Moderator.

Segment 2: Opening statement by Mr. Vairma.

Segment 3: Opening statement by Mr. O’Brien.

Segment 4: Question to Mr. O’Brien: How should the Union respond to government covid-19 mandates?

Segment 5: Question to Mr. Vairma: What should the Union’s position be on insurance protection for police officers facing misconduct investigations?

Segment 6: Question to Mr. Vairma: Is the effort to organize Amazon the key to the Union’s future?

Segment 7: Question to Mr. O’Brien: Comment on the apparent pattern of sitting International Union Officers running against the administration of which they were part.

Segment 8: Question to Mr. Vairma: Regarding the two-thirds rule, and 2018 ratification vote on the UPS contract.

Segment 9: Question to Mr. Vairma: Comment on the Union’s endorsement of Joe Biden in light of polling that reflected general union member support for Donald Trump.

Segment 10: Question to Mr. O’Brien: Regarding Mr. O’Brien’s 2013 suspension

Segment 11: Question to Mr. Vairma: Would Mr. Vairma’s leadership be an extension of the Hoffa leadership?

Segment 12: Question to Mr. Vairma: How would Mr. Vairma persuade UPS members to support him in the upcoming election?

Segment 13: Question to Mr. O’Brien: What position should the Union take on bargaining for parental leave benefits?

Segment 14: Question to Mr. O’Brien: Should the Teamsters rejoin the AFL-CIO?

Segment 15: Question to Mr. Vairma: Is there a future for Change to Win?

Segment 16: Question to Mr. O’Brien: What have you done, and what will you do, to protect Teamsters pensions?

Segment 17: Question to Mr. O’Brien: Did Mr. O’Brien send members to picket a taping of “Top Chef?”

Segment 18: Question to Mr. Vairma: How will you educate yourself on economic and social challenges facing Teamsters of Color?

Segment 19: Question to Mr. O’Brien: What should the Union do regarding the prospect of autonomously driven vehicles?

Segment 20: Question to Mr. Vairma: Should the International Union be more willing to use strikes, and if so, how and when?

Segment 21: Closing statement by Mr. O’Brien.

Segment 22: Closing statement by Mr. Vairma.

Segment 23: Forum concluding remarks by Ms. Matthews, Moderator